Saving Programm to USB Drive

Hey there,

I created a Programm which I want to export to my USB Drive. How exactly can I save the programm onto my USB drive because everytime I save it it looks like it is stored local and not on the USB. The Stick is also empty everytime

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Hi @zunukski

you can save the program (all programs) by using the ur-magic-file:

With this you can safe all the Programs that u have saved on ur UR.

Thank you, I followed every step. The Problem I encounter is that everytime I plug in the USB, is says : USB has to be formatted and everything gets deleted from the USB. Any Ideas whats wrong ?

Make sure the drive is formatted as FAT32. You can right click it and click properties to verify. Otherwise, try a different flashdrive

Hmm… Like eric said. Check first if ur USB.Stick is formated to FAT32. If it´s still not working try an another stick.
So far i never had any problems with that “Magic-file” tool.

Once u connect the Stick to ur Robot Panel (HMI) it will show u “–>USB” or smth like that (in red letters) for a short time.
Once its done with loading everything to ur stick it will show you again “–> USB” or smth like that (but this time in green letters).
After that u can remove the stick and everything should be stored at a folder on that stick.

ah I think I found the problem. The USB Stick has more than 32GB and Windows only does NTFS or exFAT above 32GB. I will try with a smaller USB Stick so it FAT32

Thank you in advance !