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Copy files from Robot - FTP or USB?


I wrote some functions and stored them in a .txt file on a USB drive. In my robot program, I’ve entered a script line, saying it should use the functions defined in a file. The file is on the USB disk. The program and functions I wrote are working fine, but the robot requires the USB drive to be present! How can I store the .txt file from USB to the robot harddrive, so I can remove the USB drive?

Please note, it’s an older robot!


Have you tried the “magic files” ? ( I haven’t tried this myself . Not sure if it works. Just a suggestion. )

there are several options. One is to move the files with a FTP connection to the Robot, e.g. to the /programs folder.
I’ve been using Filezilla for this:
Hotname: IP Adress of Robot
User: root
password: easybot
Port: 22

another option is to simply remove the usb drive/SD Card with the Robot image (i know it says “DO NOT REMOVE” but hey it’s just a usb drive…), mount it and move the files to your desired folder and plug it back in

Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions. Lars Skovsgaard from Zacrobia suggested that when saving the script, the file is inserted in the program script and stored automatically. It isn’t. It’s kept in the original location. I finally settled for the SFTP option (FTP doesn’t work, it has to be the secure variant). Pleas note don’t forget to set the file rights!

Anyway, solved for me.

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