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Problem with the "Move Here" button

Hello everyone,

The first version of my URCap is near the end and I got a problem.

The "Move here " function is not working very well. I have to press maybe 5 times to the “Auto” button for seeing my robot moving. And it’s like that if my waypoint is inside or outside of my programNode.

Is it a software issue?

This problem is happening with the simulator and the real robot.

Can somebody help me?

Best regards,


I feel your pain… There is nothing more challenging than knowing what you want to do and finding the right code to do it. You question is too broad for a specific answer so I would suggest you begin to solve the problem by writing a flow chart of each step and pairing that with your code. I think you will find your answer or the specific area in which you need help.
More likely than not, this is a code issue.
I would be more than glad to help, but you will need to sharpen your question first,