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Problem with assigment operator when close it via Dashboard

Software version: 5.5.1
Robot generation: e-series

My program consist on:
1 - In an event i have all this:
Loop time<5 (check always)
local varible = request_string­­_from_primary_client(s)
time reset
end loop

socket.send(close popup)

At this event i have a loop with a timer, that when pass 5 seconds exit the loop, and if the popup of the request_string­­_from_primary_client is still on the screen, i send via socket to the port 29999 the command “close popup”. On the first execution everything goes good, but on the next execution the popup doesn`t show.

Is it possible to close that popup without stoping the program, and appear again on the teach pendal?

I need this function to read information from de USB serial.