Sticky popup message position

While debugging I encode some popup boxes to identify progress while viewing the graphics display. When the box appears it covers the robot image. I move the popup box out of the way of the display and click continue. The next box appears over the robot. I repeat the process.

I’d like to be able to move the box out of the way the first time, and have it appear in the position I moved it to the next time it appears so I can focus on the simulated robot movement rather than having to keep moving the popup out of the way…


I would also like to be able to change the options for the buttons on the popup. Even when the popup forces the program to halt the option to continue is still there.

If you launch a popup out of a thread it does not block execution of the main program which is why I launch them out of threads sometimes. What I would like is the ability to have an acknowledge button like ‘OK’ so that the message that is being displayed will just go away, not give the person the option to always halt the program. Sometimes the popup is just purely informational such as, ‘Hey, its time to oil the die on the next down cycle’ or ‘Don’t forget to place the bolts in the box’ after the the robot has produced a certain number of parts.

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@rkm, thanks for your input.

You have the option to create “Informational popups” using the Dashboard server.
Might be a small hack, but popups from the Dashboard server does not have the “blocking” setting on and there is only an “OK” button, alternatively you can put blocking=False in your popup-script command.

Being able to change buttons and actions on popups also noted as Feature request.


I have tried using “Informational popups ” but nothing is displayed on the teach pendant.

The program runs all statements, but no popup

@jbm i also notice popups REMAIN on the GUI of the pendant even after a program is stopped. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, however if I connect remotely using dashboard server this starts to become an issue.

Program with 15 steps handled by a switch-case, and in each case is a popup. If for some reason the program STOPS on case 6 and I send “close popup” (while program is STOPPED), the popup for case 7 will show up … and so on (so you have to close all the popups).

Currently, the only duct tape and bubblegum solution I’ve used is to send “close popup” in a for-loop before I issue the “play” command. Although I have to change this for-loop every time I add more cases.

Now I know using “close popup” isn’t the optimal way for handshaking with a server/client but I present the popups on the pendant so operators can visually see where the program communication failed and if need be, continue manually by pressing the “continue” button in the popup.

Not a huge problem but I like to query the robot using dashboard server and issuing tons of “close popup” means I have to create a while-loop to issue the “play” command and wait for a specific string to return. This may already have been addressed so I apologize if this has already been fixed, I’m using Polyscope 5.9 right now.