How to close a popup with script

We want to close a Popup after time. This popup only give some informations and isn´t important for the running program

after some time we want to close this popup without clicking it or to use a dashboardserver (we dos not use some external divices)

You can connect to the internal dashboard server from within the robot program. This should allow you to close the popup. :slight_smile:
I made a quick example of closing a popup. Make sure the robot is in remote mode, if you’re using an e-series robot.

Thanks. It works well. and we use it without an extra Thread or event. We include it in the main program (we want to refresh a Popup so we close it befor open)

That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

The reason I put it in the thread, is because the popup pauses the main program. But sounds like you’re using it different.

I open the Popup as a script and tourn off the setup to stopp the programm if the window open:

popup(str_cat(zaehler," Döner"),“Gefertigte Baugruppen”)

str_cat(zaehler," Döner") is the what shown in the window

“Gefertigte Baugruppen” is the Head of the popup