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PolyScope won't start, stops at 100%

I got to the point where I had my URCap remember which feature I had selected in a dropdown menu, and then I did a restart of PolyScope…

Now it isn’t getting further than this. Are there any logs located somewhere to give some insight on what is going on?

Looks like, when my URCap store the feature to use, PolyScope can’t load the installation file afterwards…

If you go to this directory /home/ur/ursim-current/.urcaps you can find the URCaps installed in your simulator. You need to remove the URCap that is making trouble and the simulator will run again

That isn’t working, that was the first thing I tried. I had to delete “default.installation” and “default.variables”, that made it work again. Somehow I am breaking the installation by saving the feature to use.

Have you tried to start PolyScope with the Linux terminal?


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Sometimes when this occurs resetting the virtual machine fixes the error.