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Polyscope Search Highlighting

In Polyscope, when searching for an item within the program, the results are highlighted in Yellow.
This causes confusion as it is the same color used for unfinished program nodes.
Can the Search Highlighting be updated to use a different color for highlighting the search results?

Thank you in advance!


I see what you mean, it can look a little confusing, especially in large programs. I’ll pass off the suggestion to our UX team. In your opinion what would be the ideal behavior? Bold, different color, etc…?

Ideally, I’d change the unfinished node highlight color to red as a warning that the program is unfinished.
The yellow highlighting for a search item would then be consistent with convention of other programs such as pdf readers.
That said, understanding that established convention for Polyscope is yellow for open node, hghlighting in a blue tone would make sense.
My theory for blue is that red or green highlighting would be confusing based on industry standards.

With regards to font xhanges, in my opinion, the program tree font type doesn’t lend well to differentiation by changes to boldness or height.
Thank you for consideration.

Thanks for the input! I relayed your response to the team. I’m sure they’ll find it very helpful!