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Color schemes allowed on every typ of GUI element?


the style guide defines several color schemes. Can these color schemes be used on all the GUI
elements or only on some specific ones?
E.g. can the red and green colors be used for (toggle) buttons or only the blue/gray color scheme?

Thank you very much

The Style Guide is a reference guide for designing the user interface of the URCap.
As a rule of thumb, the colors (and other elements) should generally be used in the same way they are already used in PolyScope.

For i.e. the green and red colors, these are recommended for use in i.e. “Message” fields. Green for success, and red for errors.

Ok, so it’s recommended to follow these rules to e.g. get the “Certified by UR+” label although it is not forbidden per se.
Thank you very much.

Generally, you can say that the URCap should have the same “look and feel” as PolyScope.
In that sense, the user will experience it as one complete UI.

The Style Guide is a help, that specifies the components already used by PolyScope.