Look and Feel used by PolyScope

Dear all

Does anyone know if there is a document that describes the UI Look and Feel that Polyscope uses?
Or is it the default java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel?

The reason for this is that for the URCap that we are developing, we are also developing a 2nd graphical program that will run on the laptop. However, we would like that this 2nd program has the same look and feel as the URCap in PolyScope.

Any ideas how this can be realised?

Kind regards

Hi If you have a UR+ user, simply go to
Where you can find a style guide.
best Regards Casper
PS: I could not find one for the CB series, but it might be out there somewhere

It is mostly for the e-serie that we need it. (or at least for now)