URCap Sample: Colored Folder/Comment URCaps for graphical programming

Colored Folder/Comment URCaps

Description of functionality:
These urcaps allow the creation of colored folder and colored comment.
It becomes very diffucult to make program and find target nodes when the number of nodes in robot program increases so much.
So I created the urcaps to make it easier to finding target nodes and making program visually.

The coloring function is convenient, so I hope that it is installed as a standard function of Polyscope.
Would it be possible?


URCaps SDK v.1.9.0

Operational Checked
SW3.12.1 and SW5.7.0


It looks nice. But it seems like the latest performance update in 3.13 and 5.8 removed the interpretation of the HTML name.

Why is it removed in latest update?
Anyone may want to use this.

Very nice…
Is it free to use?

This is the sample, so it is free to use.

Dear development support team

Hi, I have seen the version of the polyscope is upgraded.
Can we use html tags in getTitle() of every nodes?

I want to use the colorred comment and folder in our program.


Hi @fujikit,

Unfortunately there is not added any html tag support in this version of Polyscope.

I see.
Thank you for your reply.

I hope it is added when next updating…

I looked at the Github page and didn’t’ see a Urcap file. How could I get the file?

Would you please clone repository and do maven compile by yourself ?

“mvn install”