Polyscope on windows

is there any software i can download that would allow me to run a urscript polyscope (like the interface on the pendant attached to the cobot) on my computer to write code that i could then import to a cobot via a usb?

There is a simulator but it runs in Linux so you’d have to run a dos box. Not too hard to set up.

Biggest issue I have is not being able to use my grippers, kind of makes off-line programming worthless.


The Starter Package is a Virtual Machine from UR+ community and it was the best free option I could find. The URsim and Eclipse IDE for URCaps are already installed and it runs in Ubuntu (instead of Lubuntu like on the standard URsim virtual machine).
It works with both VirtualBox and VMWare Player. You will still need to adjust the Adapter settings, so you can connect the VM to USB sticks or access the Network to send programs to the real robot.
Apart from that, I have seen that some private companies work on designing virtual environments and that they are very reliable and you can generate URScripts programs on them, but of course is not for free anymore.