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Programming without Polyscope


I am a programmer with long experience of programming ABB robots. Now I got a task to program a UR5 from 2016 and I am lost :slight_smile:

Is there anything like ABB Robotstudio for Universal Robots? I would like to do my online and offline programming with “code” + PC and not with graphic interface PolyScope + flexpendant.

Hi Sead
Threre is no official UR offline programming tool for the UR arm (As far as i know).
so you will properly have to look into a UR+ product like RoboDK software…
Try taking a look here UR+ | Faster automation with application kits and components
You might find what you seek hidden somewhere here.

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You can always write script and then put it on the robot. That is how we do 99.9% of our programming. The only thing in Polyscope is a 2 line program, the first line imports the script file and the second line executes the main function in that script file.

We use some tools we have developed for writing the code and then bundling it into a single file to make it easier to develop as we can break down the program into functions and store those functions or family of like functions in their own files for easy reuse as well as to make development easier so we don’t have 5000+ lines of code in a single file. We bundle the files based on a bundle config and then serve that to the robot to store on the hard drive. We open-sourced the tools a couple years ago, you can find them at UR Script Tools and there is a sample repo at UR Script Tools Example