Has a way or plan to provide a polyscope for PCs

I am using the UR10-E

My company’s products often requires job change

In general, other robot companies provide program editors that can be written on PCs in addition to pendant input programs such as polyscope.

The program editor for PCs allows robots to write basic programs using PCs while working, and can easily copy and paste commands or waypoints to obtain the speed and convenience of work.

For me, who is familiar with general industrial robot teaching methods and programs, a polyscope is like a closed room. I would like to know if your company has a way or plan to provide a polyscope for PCs.

There are simulators that you can run on a PC using VirtualBox or VMWare. You can find them on the UR support site. You can use these for making changes to the program offline and then load back onto the robot.

I am in the same boat.
A way to edit a basic text file like you can on other industrial bots for quick edits, duplication etc. would go a LONG way to improving commissioning.

Biggest example I experienced, the waypoint names. UGH. I have 15 different parts, each with ~30 waypoints. and since each waypoint needs a unique name, i have two options; let the system automatically name waypoint1…waypoint500 which will have no meaning or I manually name each one… M1_100, 101… M2_100…101… etc
This is tedious on the pendant but would take seconds in a text editor.

So you should be able to write a *.script file that you can load into the robot and call it, call functions, or variables created in it as needed in your program.

Also when you create a *.urp file on the robot it generates a *.script file you can open using notepad++ or other text editor.

I’ve written a few script files, but you can create arrays to store your coordinates or different poses and also run URscript commands as well.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is an easily toggle switch to view code in tree form vs. script line by line (I think I’ve seen something like this on ABB’s robot). This however is something I think UR should look into to give the end user more options.

Maybe like a Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced coding option for users with no experience to users who have been programming with URscript for awhile.

This is besides the point, anyways you might use a text editor to create the script file, then use URsim or robot to then execute the code. Then update the script file as needed instead of using the pendant. Anyways, best of luck!