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What is URscript

Do I need URscript to use UR5 robots on Windows 10?

URScript is a python like language that is used to control universal robots. You don’t need to know it to program a UR, as you can just use ordinary program nodes for that, though it is useful when you need to program more advanced functionality. It is not required to run a simulated UR5 on a windows machine, as it is only used by polyscope.

The easiest way to setup and start running a universal robot simulator from a windows 10 machine is to download a VirtualBox and setup a virtual Ubuntu64 machine, using the URCaps Starter Package.

Once you have got the virtual box up and running, open a terminal, navigate to the ursim folder, then to the version of polyscope you wish to run, and execute start-ursim.sh UR5

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On Windows 10, RTDE and dashboards are connected. But what if the Move command does not work?

(use not virtualbox and use visual studio 2015)

RTDE and Dashboard Server does not support sending Move-commands in URScript directly.
This can only be done via Primary, Secondary or Real-Time Client Interface.

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Finally, can you briefly explain how to send motion commands in Window10 (visual studio2015)?

Thank you , sam and jbm

It’s probably worthwhile to check out this topic:

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Also if you’re interested in running URSim without a VirtualBox, take a look at this thread:

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