Unusual and erratic behaviour

I’m in the process of commissioning a robot installation and the Robot is suddenly not behaving as before.

Let me explain a little.

The Robot application is a wash tending
picking parts from a tray (Depaletizing) (not the built in palletizing option)
loading a spray wash
Unloading spray wash
transfer to an oil station
Palletizing to another tray

Yesterday the Robot was running really smoothly and quite quickly.
after leaving it (powered) over night and without making any changes this morning the robot keeps pausing for a moment mid program (where there are no wait commands) and stopping with Protective stop collisions on Base axis ( not actually colliding with anything). The program was fine yesterday it ran for hours without any issues!

I don’t want to have to slow it down due to cycle time constraints.

The Robot is in a climate controlled room.

If anyone has any idea why it would suddenly act this way please share.

After power cycling the Robot and re-running the program the Robot was fine!

I’ll have to monitor the it and see if it occurs again.

The Robot is a UR5e Running Polyscope version. update-5.13.0-build11.3.898

are you running some URCaps? I’m investigating right now a URCap that seems to have a memory leak, after some time Polyscope will completely freeze and become unresponsive until a pop shows a Java OutOfMemory error, only can do a hard reboot to get it back up. Sounds a bit similar to your issue.

Thanks hi11 for your suggestion

I’m running two URCaps
Robotiq Gripper (Hand-e)
and TCP selector.

I did wonder if I’d missed a sync() command somewhere but after checking the program its littered with them.
I have a number of threads running and some program loops for error handling but all have sync() commands.

I’m not sure if the controller is really powerful enough to cope with anything to complex.
I do a lot of position calculations for my depalletizing/palletizing routines and some background task operations to control the wash/spray booth and the oil bath stn.

I’ll try removing the TCP selector Cap and see it that helps.

J. Andersen
i had a similar experience: it started with stopping as protective stop and ran fine for a while, then it got worse every time it stopped
it would shift my 0 point when restarting . it turned out to be a hardware failure in axis 6. a bad capacitor soldering we thought .
we fixed it and ran again for a week then the capacitor blew up. it was a old UR 5 we ended up with a new UR 16e instead.