Polyscope 6, why the forbidden packages (and why aren't they all listed at once)


trying to adapt my urcaps to polyscope 6, when I try to run ther urcap in the simulator I get a popup with a forbidden package.
When I remove it, I get a popup with a different forbidden package. Lather, rinse and repeat and finally I get a working urcap (so maybe those packages weren’t really required?)

The packages in question are

  • com.ibm.uvm.tools
  • con.sun.jdmk.comm
  • sun.security.util.

I really don’t kknow which other package I use has a depencendy on any of those (I’m not a java developer , I don’t want to be one, I hate the thing, but I have a job to do), but why are they forbidden?
And why aren’t they listed all at once, so I don’t have to remove them one by one from pom.xml?

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