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Error loading URCap to PolyScope


Im developing a URCap and using an external .jar library (moka7). The project compiles but when I charge it to the PolyScope the URCap shows with a “!” sign and wont work. The .jar is uploaded to the resources file.

Image showing correct compilation

Image showing error while running PolyScope simulator

Image showing warning on URSim

Thanks in advance!

Have you installed your .jar file and add it to the “Embed-Dependency” section? That did the trick in my case.

From the command line:
mvn install:install-file -Dfile= -DgroupId=“groupId” -DartifactId=“artifactId” -Dversion=“version” -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true

Then you should have to add the line:
in the section configuration/instructions

P.D. everything inside quotes is inside <>

Hello grodriguez,

I am not able to find out which are the values for groupId, artifactId or the version of my .jar.
Maybe it is because it originaly was a project that I got exported as a .jar to work with it as a library.

I sincerely appreciate your help anyway

You can open the .jar like a .zip file and, if it was a maven project, you could extract that information from the pom.xml.

I haven´t tested the case of importing a non maven project. But that seems a general java problem so you could search in sites like StackOverflow for more answers.

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Solved! By just re-uploading the .jar file into de resources file did the trick! Thanks for your help grodriguez!