Developping a URCap outside of VirtualBox

Hi Forum Users,

I’m looking to try and separate my URCap development from a virtual box, having spent a bit of time playing with a docker container based URSim, it seems silly to have to use a virtual machine for development with the capability to run and test URCaps using the docker container. I wonder if anyone has any advice or brief instructions on extensions to install and settings to configure to allow you to evelop URCaps from a windows IDE such as VS Code, since the SDK that is downloaded is setup to install itself in a linux environment, I’m wondering what needs to be done in order to configure an IDE and a project in order to use other windows IDEs.

So far I have downloaded VS Code and installed the relevant java and maven extensions, but I am struggling to find the right way to resolve the URCap API dependency in the pom file, and to be able to compile the code with the usual mvn install command.

Any help would be much appreciated!!