Robot L movements

Puzzled. Moving small components from one weigh point to another… what should be a pure Z axis move is not. Though I have chosen “L” movement my part ends up moving slightly in X-Y as well, causing delicate product to interfere with surrounding hardware resulting in damaged part. Any ideas? How do I get true “L” movement.

Is your start point XY the same as your end point XY?

Try a Direction node and set it to Z-. You can use Until Contact or Distance etc.

Are you moving relative to base / plane / tool? maybe plane or tool is not setup perfectly.

We figured it out, I was selecting the weigh points from the menu. It appears as though moving between then doesn’t provide L movement, The work around is to move only Z axis by holding down arrow. Get close then use second weigh point.
Thanks for replies

Oh so you were manually moving between points not running the job itself?

Correct. I’m creating a new program from scratch, so working on positioning and such. I’m a newbie and can’t help but wonder I probably would benefit from a training class?

Hey Eric,

Not to push you away from getting hands on training but maybe complete UR’s free-online academy training, should give you the basics of programming and then if you’re still uncomfortable then reach out to UR for more advanced training

Here’s the link URacademy - Free eLearning

Should be able to use your login for URforum to login to the academy as well, there are several interactive tutorials to go through, hope this helps and best of luck!

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You really should tell someone what you’re doing. Your post implies you were using a MoveL node in a program when you were really using a Move To function to manually move to a MoveL node. Huge difference.

Anyway, yes, I’ve seen this. I think if you stop your program with a MoveL node as the last node to run your Move To will move in a straight line. Haven’t tested it 100% but that’s what I’ve kind of seen.

And this forum. The guys/gals here are smart. Real smart. And more than willing to help.

thanks michael, I did start the training a while back, but didn’t complete. I am retaking, so far up to module 5. Learning tips already. Thanks!