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How to access IO messages on EtherNet / IP

Hi, there

I am developping UI application which communicates between UR and an external device via PLC.

I want to make the following features:

・While they are connected, exchange status through the eip-iomessge
・Retrieve the value stored in the address map into Java Program

URScript has an API that can access the address map but only during program execution.
(ProgramNodeContribution and InstallationNodeContribution have generateScript function.)

I am looking for something simular of:

・Execute the URScript when PolyScope is launched or when the InstallationNode is clicked by any button.


・Access the address map dirrectly from the PolyScope API

・Retrieve the value stored in the address map

Thank you in advanced.

It is possible to control and change ethernet/IP IO if you use RTDE(30004) or Real-Time Client(30003).
I created the urcap to do these for our product lines.

Thank you for your reply.
I’ll try it.

I looked into RTDE and looked at example_control_loop.py but couldn’t figure it out.
I want to start RTDE when I press the start button on the installation node, but I don’t know how to install it.

Should I make the Python script run when the start button is pressed?
To do that, I need to put the RTDE library in my eclipse workspace, right?

I am sorry, it is very difficult to explain how to use RTDE.
I also studied about python and It had a time to understand python code of RTDE.

It’s okay. I’ll study and do my best.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hello if you would like to have the python code start automatically you will need to look at the damean ur cap for help. You would start a damean automatically which will run you python or c++. In your python code you would have the rtde exchange.

I hope this helps

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