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Profinet/EthernetIP I/O displayed on I/O tab

It would be really handy if we could get the Profinet and EthernetIP displayed on the IO tab of the robot like we do with Modbus. This would prevent us from having to either 1) have a HMI with the PLC which is often not the case with our customers or 2) write all of the input and outputs to variables so that we can see them in the variables pane. This is needed when trying to troubleshoot an installation. Often times we are working with an off-shift and they do not have access to hook into the PLC and see what is going on inside, without an easy way to see the values of the IO it’s hard to trouble shoot what is going on. It would also be very handy to be able to trigger the outputs from the touch screen just like we do with physical and modbus outputs.



This tool can do the job using EthernetIP:

… sure a PC (Windows ou Linux/mono) is required.

Open interface, load the configuration tree sample file to see what as to be made to describe the objects structure, select the Nodes 4.100.3 & 4.112.3 and select Decode Attributs As : UR input and Output.
In the settings menu put a value for PeriodicUpdateRate.


I too would love something like the modbus tab. Up until now I only used Modbus, but with a new machine to connect the robot to, I am now starting to look into EthernetIP, and found it pretty confusing the way it works, and how to actually access it with the robot.