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Polyscope waypoints relative to feature

Am I the only one who can not make it work or have I misunderstood it?

I was happy when I saw update to 3.5.0 should make it possible to move a lot of waypoints simply adjusting the feature however when I try all fixed waypoints are still global.

I need to move a complicated mounting with many waypoints to a new location.

I assume I can teach a waypoint to a feature and subsequently adjust this feature, then the waypoint moves with or how is this done?

As I read the release text below it should be possible now.


**** copy from release note 3.5.0 ****
Waypoints and movements:

  • The functionality when changing the feature selection in the ‘Command’ tab screen for the ‘Move’ node has been changed. The new behavior applies, if the feature selection is changed when the ‘Waypoint’ nodes under the ‘Move’ node have already been defined. The impact on these waypoints is now to keep the relative displacement between feature and waypoint constant in order to perform the movement relative to the newly selected feature (waypoint coordinates in the feature space are constant). This replaces the old behavior which was the opposite: keep the absolute positions constant, and change the relative displacements of the waypoints (waypoint coordinates in feature space) to achieve this. Note that this change only has an effect when the actual feature selection is changed and hence does not affect existing programs.

**** copy from release note 3.5 ****

Hello Uffe,
There is a chapter that covers this topic in the UR Academy. For CB3, I would suggest you take a look at Chapter 7: Feature Coordinates. Does that answer all of your questions?

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Hi Prichlin,

I’m pretty sure I do it the right way and the problem is that it is not working. Can you get taught waypoints to move together with a feature movement?


Hi, yesterday I had a very confusing experience teaching waypoints after a plane feature change.(UR10 CB3 V3.11.0).

Here I’ll try to explain in a toy example why the Polyscope -> Program -> Command -> Waypoint -> Move Here button is confusing me.

1- I teach a waypoint inside a MoveL. The MoveL has the Feature Plane_1 selected.

2- Now I play de program. And compare the position with the “Move here” position for Waypoint_1. Both positions are equal (as expected).

3- I change the MoveL feature to “Plane_2”

4- Now I replay de program. And compare the position with the “Move here” position for Waypoint_1. Both positions are NOT equal (very confusing when teaching a Waypoint). The “Move here” position keeps the original global pose!!!.