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How to quickly write and test URCaps?

According to URCaps tutorials after making a change to code I have to run “mvn install -P ursim” and then start URSim and see if code works how I want to. So every time I change the URCaps code I have to build java code and restart URSim - it takes “a lot” of time (considering that it is necessary every time code changed).

Is there any quicker way to test code?
Is restarting URSim necessary every time to test code?
Is there a way to speed up restarting URSim? (I’m running URSim directly on Linux - not Virtual Machine).
I’m using IntelliJ IDEA.


As the java code has to be compiled and the urcap itself has to be installed as a plugin in polyscope i can‘t see of a faster way of testing the whole urcap. You might wanna use module tests tho😉


Thank you for quick answer :slight_smile: That’s what I thougt… so the only solution is much faster computer :slight_smile:

Hey m.birkholz,
What does a module test involve?