How to add an urcaps manually on to the ursim

Hi!Im new to developping URcaps so whe first decided to check to activate some other companys urcaps on the simulator. Unfortunatelly even after I tried following the instruction manual, I still cant manage to run.
What could be thinkable in this situation.

What I did.

1.Typed (cd workspace/com.smc/SMC-AirGripper/) on the terminal and enter.
2.Typed (mvn install -P ursim) and enter.
3.Some info runs automatically
4.Open up another window with CTRL+ALT+T and typed (cd ursim/ursim-
5.Typed (ls)
6.Typed (./ then some loading occures.

After finished opening up the URsim it doesn`t have a menu added on the program tab.

Hi @hayase ,

Do you only have one instance of URSim installed in your VM? Could you be deploying to a different one? Have you set up the pom-file to make sure it’s pointing to the right place?

If you just want to have a poke around in some existing URCaps first, you can install them through the GUI from the Settings/System/URcaps menu instead of doing it from the command line.

More info at below article in case you haven’t seen it: