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How to prevent renaming variables when using Subprog?


How can I prevent Polyscope from asking me to rename variables when using “Subprog”?

Some context:
I made a program which I use for machine tending. It runs well, only I want to split the program into two programs. A part specific program and a generic program. From the generic program there will be 1 version and from the part specific program I can have as many as I want. This allows me to easily deploy a change in the generic program without going through all the part specific programs.

So far I am able to create this situation by using the function “Subprog” inside the part specific program. Only everytime I open the part specific program I get the question if I want to rename the variables that are used in generic program as they also exsist in the part specific program. This is not desired.

Do you have any suggestions for me?