Palletizing Help

Steps to reproduce and Actual Behavior:
So the problem is with the Palletizing Software. Whenever you make a pallet and have it all situated. If you cut/copy and paste it somewhere else after deleting the original it will rename the pallet to Pallet_X with X being the next readily available integer within that specific program. The same is true if you were to have this pallet in a program and add that program as a sub program to another program. This has become very tedious as I have had to rename the pallet’s and their counter variables but also rename all of the assignments to which that counter is referenced. (by counter I mean the Pallet_X_cnt variable that is created with each pallet)

Expected Behavior:
What should be expected is for it to keep the names of both when cut/copied or referenced in a subprogram.

Workaround Suggestion:
My current workaround is to set the Pallet variables to a separate variable and reference that throughout the program. This way you don’t have to change 50 assignments but only one each time you do this.

I have also just stopped renaming the pallets and variables and have been keeping them as the numbers they are generated when added to the main program. I then just remember the order with a sticky note and reference them that way as needed. This prevents the change from happening every time I adjust.

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Affected Version(s):