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How to not allow an URCAP instruction on a Thread

Hi all,

I wish that my URCAP instruction was not allowed on a Thread and only allowed on the robot program.

This happen when you put a MoveJ on the thread, after pushing running button the robot raise an alert telling you that MoveJ is not allowed insde a thread. I would like to have the same behaviour with my URCAP.

Thank you for any clue

I understand you mean that it should’nt be possible to insert a movej command inside thread with the polyscope UI, like so:

I agree thats strange because it will trigger the Warning:

i won’t suggest that urcaps basically can’t be inserted inside threads tho. Also making an Interface like “nonThreadInsertable” would be helpful, but won’t cover all of your Users capabilities to do something wrong :slight_smile: so i think best way is to cover that issue in your user manual.

i would like to have the same behaviour with my URCAP instruction.

Do you know which command i need to add inside the programNodeContribution.java ?


just improved above answer. Actually there is no way to cover your URCap from beeing inserted into Threads (and therefore no ability to trigger any warnings). Thats because a URCap can’t see or communicate with its parent or neighbor program nodes.