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How to get TCP in installation file by using URCap version 3.10

Hi All,

I would like to get the TCP pose and Features from installation file by using URCap.
Could you please suggest how to do it


Have a look at the following documentation. Both Tool and Features can be retrieved from FeatureModel.
Here is a snippet for tool pose.

FeatureModel featureModel = apiProvider.getInstallationAPI().getFeatureModel();
Pose toolPose = featureModel.getToolFeature().getPose();

Hi Alexander,

Thanks so much. it works for Base and Tool
Could you please also give me an snippet for other feature as Point and Plane I try to get it but
can’t and how to get the TCP Pose with name from installation file as below image.


Have a look at the Whip welding URCap sample, it shows how to retrieve a list of feature planes. The same method applies for points.
Hopefully somebody else can help you with the second question, I have yet to try retrieving a list of user defined TCPs.

Does anyone know how to get list of user defined TCPs in Java?

OK, I have found it in ToolChangerSwing example in URCaps SDK :slight_smile: