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Contribute Installation Features from URCap

Is it possible to contribute and define installation features using the api? Rather than setting a feature point within the “features” tab, I would like to be able to click a button within my urcap installation node that creates/modifies a feature from a user defined pose (using the robot position call back).

It would be nice to be able to add the feature to the feature list as well. I think this could be accomplished by allowing for a method to setPose on a Feature type, similar to how you can getPose on one in the current api version.


This is noted as a feature request.
It is somehow related to this post as well:

@jbm @ajp

We developpe tool to offset a process based on visual tag or touch.
The user programs the process relative to a feature and our URCaps modify the feature value to offset the process at runtime.
If the client wants to modify his process, he need to be very carefull because the feature value in installation tab do not follow the process.
With the possibility the create and modify feature in installation tab, lots of our tools would became much more easy to use.

Can you give us an update about this feature request ?
Is it in the road map ?


Hi @malacasse, I’m afraid I don’t have any info on whether this is in the roadmap. @jbm may be able to help?

This is implemented in 5.6 / 3.12.


Thank you @jbm for your assistance implementing this feature request!

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