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How to get robot logs

In our installation we’d like to store robot logs (the ones visible on teach pendant) somewhere on persistent storage, so that we can debug problem long after they happened. I’ve noticed that on the control PC there is a file called “log_history.txt”, but it seems it’s flushed very rarely and it might not be updated for a long time. This makes it difficult to see, as we might not know at which point we will have logs for the timestamp we are interested in. Is there a better mechanism to store such logs? Maybe some API? Or configuration which would cause to flush in more predictable way?


Hi fpg,
I have excacly same need. Maybe this topic will be good attempt:

I will try and return with feedback soon.

Hi both. We have just developed a tool for reading logs and show all information in a dashboard. It makes thing easy. I would like to show you the tool we are launching.
jalonso@analytics40.com +34605357710