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Log_history txt encoding

1.Now I want to get an accurate robot error code like C192A4 without a teach pendant.So can you give me some suggestions?

  1. I‘m looking for another way to get the error code from the log_history txt.So I want to know some information.

    I guess the number in the red box should correspond to some information.Because the log contains info ,warning,Violation and malfunction. So I want to use the information in the TXT document to determine what each log represents.

You can import the file in the Support Log Reader
This interprets the file into human readable messages.

Hi. We have developed a tool for reading Log History and present all the errors, incidences, flightreports and all using a dashboard. It is very intuitive solution.

JBM, I also would like to show you the tool we have created to read the logfiles as a dasboard.
I think it is very helpful for the user and the technician.

+34605357710 jalonso@analytics40.com

Hi Javier, can you give any guidance on how this was done using dashboard interface? Any helpful links or docs? Thanks in advance.

did you find any answer to the column description?
I’m also interested in each column explanation to know which value represents what state (fault, violation, etc.)