How to change the unit of the move command

Hi, there.

Is it possible to change the unit of speed from “mm/s” to “cm/min”?

Is there a setting that can change the units of measure?

i think not, but you can take your callculator .

divide the toolspeed by 6. (mm/s → cm/min → 10mm/60s → 1/6)
and the speed, i think you need to divide by 360. (cm/min² → mm/s² → 10mm/ (60s * 60s) – > 10mm/3600s² → 1/360)

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Thank you.

Certainly calculations are possible.
It would have been nice if it could be changed in the settings.

You can convert using URscript however it’s not as clean as the Polyscope interface, you would have to write it in script format shown below:

# velocity in cm/min
vel:= 250
# acceleration in cm/min^2
acc:= 20
# velocity conversion variable
# acceleration conversion variable
# conversion calculations

movel(pose, VELOCITY, ACCEL)
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