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Speed Acc and Blend Radius as variable Input for Move-Commands in Polyscope


it would be great if the Move(L/J) Commands would accept variables as input for the parameters Speed, Accelerarion, Blend Radius.

At the moment only numbers (=fixed values) are allowed.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Alexander Apostolidis

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I agree this would indeed be a very big improvement. Currently, I resort to writing alot of script codes just to execute the same commands.


In what way do you need variable values for the move commands?
This is indeed possible using URScript.


Hello jbm,
yes, as script code you can set the variables. As “User-Interface-Command” you cant.

At the moment we use the script lines only because we can assign speed. Otherwise we could use the “User-Interface-Commands”.

What we also figured out is that it is not the same if you take a “User-Interface-Command” or a script line since Version 3.6.
Here is an example:

Will be translated to:

So If you use a “user-Interface-Command” there is some more logic involved.
We had movement issues with script move-commands that were solved after using “user-interface-Commands”, because there is more logic in the command itself than just the script code movel/j().

Best Regards,
Alexander Apostolidis