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Increase movej speed

Hi all,

I am using URScript commands to control a UR10e. One movement I have to make is a very large 180+ degree turn around the base, I am currently telling it to do said move with a movej command, currently I am using an acceleration of 5 rad/s^2 and a speed of 5 rad/s (which I know is above the maximum 3.14 rad/s speed). I can increase the speed of it by using a time command however that leads to jerky movements, It is in the least restricted safety mode possible.

How can i increase the speed of this movement? I believe it is all to do with the rotation of the base axis.

Hi Joshua,

You can decrease the time it takes to complete your move by increasing the acceleration. Note that we do not recommend exceeding 800 degrees/s^2 for joint moves.