Default Speed and Acceleration

I have a program (CB series) that essentially uses 2 tool speeds and accelerations. One is for general movement, the other is for dispensing a glue-type of material. We have some issues with the glue viscosity changing from batch to batch, requiring a slightly faster or slower speed for the dispensing.

Given that, my original thought is to set the default tool speed to what we need and change it accordingly, but I can’t find a setting for that anywhere.

My next thought is a script command of some sort at the beginning of the program that sets the speed and acceleration. Is there any way to do this?

My last thought is to put my entire program within a move command to be able to set the speed on that move command while all the waypoints use shared parameters.

Any suggestions?

you can write the move in URScript and have variables to set speed and acceleration on each move.

see here

page 30 onwards

You could set variables (process_speed = #, process_accel = #, etc) at the beginning of you program and in the move line in your script program use the variable name instead of writing a value.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the response. This might be a little beyond me. I don’t have a script program, just the polyscope software. I have no problem with the variable, but not sure about how to implement it.

You can do all this in Polyscope.
Step 1,
In your program tick the Add before Start Sequence

Step 2,
create all your path positions in the Installation > Features page

Step 3,
assign 3 new variables Process_speed, Process_accl, Process_blend.
these you can adjust whenever you want to change some speed acceleration or blend radius.

Step 4,
Add a script file to your Polyscope program
select Script from programming menu
in the command window choose file instead of line.
Now edit
in the editor
1, define you routine
2, add the Moves
3, end (very important to end any commands in script )

Save the Script as something meaningful.

Your PolyScope prog should look something like this

Run the Program and watch the magic happen!!!

You’ll always get support here.