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Option to make Speed and Acceleration variable


Make it possible to use variable values for speed and acceleration instead of only having fixed values.

What is it?

All of the move commands only allow you to use fixed speed and acceleration values in the window. Using a script command is not really an option for me since the program is already really big and this would just further increased the complicity and structure of the program.

Why is it needed?

Our robot is used the dispense a fluid which tends to have a different viscosity with each batch we get. Depending on the weight of the batch we would like to adjust the speed of the robot the ensure reproducibility.


Hi @dominik.schwaiger

Thank you for the input!

If it is important for you. You can create your own URCap that can act as parent for the built in Move nodes.
In that way you can create the GUI for inputting the speed and acceleration and the traverse over the children and update their configuration.


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exactly what we need to have too…
Best option to input a variable speed / acc. via

  • encoder signals (equal to conveyor tracking)
  • analog input (0-10V)
  • float number from register (ProfiNet)

And all this within the force wizzard.

regards Sven