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How do I copy samples into VMvare?


I’m a newbie and need some help.

I want to try the manipulateIO sample but how do I drag/copy com.ur.urcap.sample.manipulateIO.tar.gz into the virtual machine?

When I try to drag it I get an error

Is the a tutorial on how to run the samples ?

After copying the file I probably also need to decompress it.



Alright I got this to work on my VM Virtual Box and I will walk you through the steps to get you started.

  1. Decompress the file on your OS.
  2. If you haven’t already on your virutal box you want to connect your file system from your virtual box to your OS. This will make things much easier in the transferring process from your OS to the virtual box. There are plenty of tutorials out there and here is one I found really quickly for you: https://serverfault.com/questions/674974/how-to-mount-a-virtualbox-shared-folder
  3. Once you have that setup on your virtual box you can simply go into the file system -> Into your OS file directory and grab the file and put it on your virtual box. I hope this makes sense.
  4. Now in eclipse you’re going to do a import an existing maven project and open the sample you want to use.

Now once you have the sample open in eclipse you may notice some errors with the pom.xml file, at least I did and here is how you’re going to fix those errors.

  1. Copy this pom.xml file (from this download) into your existing pom.xml -> https://www.skyfish.com/p/ursamplefixes/991025/31609314
  2. Now with the newer URcaps you’ll need an assembly.xml file so you’re going to need to add this to the cap file directory. Here is a download link to the assembly.xml file you can use -> https://www.skyfish.com/p/ursamplefixes/991025/31609329

Mainly these are simple fixes within the pom.xml that are needed with the newer sdk’s for dependencies…etc. Now once you have the new pom.xml and assembly.xml within the cap file directory and can see it in your eclipse window with no errors you should be set to compile.

I provided in the pom.xml the ip address used by most virtual boxes so you can easily compile and run the simulator with the cap already installed. To do this you’re going to open up a terminal cd to the cap file directory then run the command “mvn install -P ursimvm” and if it compiles successfully you can now run the simulator with the cap installed!

Hope this is clear enough and helps you out!


Hi Roman,

Many thanks for your detailed explanation. It seems to work.

I followed your explanation step by step and can now see “IO Toggle” under urcaps in the simulator.

Many thanks for the help, I will now try to adapt to my application.


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Hi, this worked very well for me. But when i install the new Cap there is a yellow warning sign. So the URcap is not running. Am i still missing something?


Does a error window appear when you launch the Simulator?


no there is no Error Window. I copied the stuff from the samples to the old URCap Examples and changed some entries in the POM. Now the samples are working :slight_smile:

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