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Import / Structure URCap Project

Hallo everyone ,

I have just created my first URCap-Project using the NewUrcap.sh succefully
this Project contains only pom.xml file and activator.java file
my question is: how can I have all the other files like the installation Node service ,ProgramNode Service, Assembly.xml …
should I create those files using for Exemple Eclipse (Maven) ?
can I Write my HTML or JAva Script on Windows and then import tehm to the Virtual Machine?

I need really your Help,who can answer me Please?
thanks in advance,

with best regards

You simply create the new files in the respective java folder (e.g. MyInstallationNodeService.java) or resources folder (e.g. installtionnode.html).
The newURCap.sh script does not know, if you want to create a node with either Installation nodes, Program nodes or daemons, or a combination thereof - so it is up for you to set all this up for the required files.

The folder structure needs to be consistent with the urcap name, e.g. in the java folder:
Or for the resources folder the same structure.

Hi jbm!

Can you explain how to import this project / file-structure to ecplise?I tried already importing and creating a new Java-project by adapting the folder-structure but unfortunately it did not work.

Thank you!

like mentioned in point 5 of http://forum.universal-robots.com/t/urcaps-starter-package/95:

Import the MyDaemon to Eclipse.
File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects > Next > Browse
Locate the MyDaemon sample in Home > urcap-sdk- > samples
Click OK and Finish


Are you referring to creating a new blank URCap project, that you can develop in Eclipse?
In this case, you should execute the newURCap.shfile, this will guide you through creating a new project.
This project folder will be places in the SDK folder.
To import this into Eclipse, do as above, by importing it as an existing Maven project, and locate the project folder in the SDK folder (or where you have placed it).

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