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Setting a tool voltage


I have problem with setting tool voltage. I have deduced from this article

that it’s not possible to set tool voltage by urscript language and command: “set_tool_voltage(24)”. I used this command with remote controll via TCP/IP and it worked for version 3 but not in version 5. Can you provide me an example for setting tool voltage after installation of URCap? I was trying to use resourceModel described in “ToolIOControlsSwing” example but there is not setting a tool voltage.

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Hi Eryk,

I assume with version 3 you mean the CB3 and with version 5 the eSeries version of the Robot.
After the SW Version 5.1 the tool voltage was moved from the general IO tab to the robot installation. This means, if you send the set_tool_voltage(24) - Command, it actually sets the tool voltage to the desired value. But it does not change the current loaded installation, which could reset with a new start of the currently loaded program the value back to 0, if this was the setting before. Also, please make sure the robot is in the Remote Control Mode, if you connect to it externally.

In regards of the ToolIOControlSwing - Example you can find a possible implementation in the ToolIOController - Class:


Hope this helps you out!