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Set Digital out about URCap


i need your help. I would like to write a URCap. In this URCap i have the problem i musst set a Digitalout when i click a Button.
My Question is how can i set a Digital out to true?

I have test it with the scriptcommunicator, but when the Robot is in Power off the Script doesn’t run.
Is there a other option to do this, maybe about the RTDE to write a outputstream?

For example I read about the Robot Real Time Reader the Robot mode.

Is there an example?

Thanks for your help

It is possible by using realtime client.

This example is for gp output.

Thank you i will test it and reporting back.


I have test this but the same problem, i can send the command but only when the robot is power on.

I musst set a digital out when the robot is in mode Power off.

can you help me?

Thanks in advance

I think that it doesn’t have to be possible to turn outputs under powering off for security.

I am in the process of testing / verifying this method, and so far it seems to work as desired.





thank you for your fast replay.

But I have a question, where you get the IOHandler?
I don’t find this class!

Thanks a lot.

My bad I forgot to add the class.

It’s under the manipulateIO example.

I will test it and inform you back.

I don’t find this in my SDK. Can you help me?

I have found it to download. :slight_smile:

Is is running.
Thank you very much.

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awesome, glad to help!