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Help with Developing Installation node


My name is Oliver and i’m a Automation and Robotics student.
I only have some previous knowledge about coding from a quick course in Python and STL.

I’m at my first internship and in charge of a super exciting project, where i am supposed to build a URCap in Java.
The URCap is supposed to have 5 different pop-out windows with different pages and settings.
If i have understood the articles about URCap correctly, then this should be an “Installation Node” and not a “Program Node”.
I have followed the article for creating “Installation Node” (“view”, “contribution”, “service”).

Now to the problem. I don’t really know how to continue… I tried to write a code to just show a gif image and successfully installed it on ursim. But i can’t find the node at URCap (program and installation) section in ursim…

My question is, is there more tutorial videos, articles or something else that could assist me with this project?

Thanks in advance

Hi Oliver…

How are you running the UrSim?
Because i would recommend, opening it not through the shortcuts in the desktop, but through the terminal, as you can here see all error outputs, which makes it much easier to debug…
Because without a error output its really hard to actually help you…
If you are having a hard time running ursim from the terminal, you could also simply open the polyscope.log files inside the ursim folder…

Best Regards Casper

That’s good to know that I can see errors in the terminal incase of future issues!

I was running UrSim through the terminal, but it seems like VirtualBox needed a restart. Because when I started the program today and installed the “Hello World Swing” project. I had no issue with opening it in UrSim… The fact that I could open the project and see what happened if I changed variables/functions made it much easier to understand how the programming works!

Thanks for responding and the advice!