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How to have the UR Cap structure after installation (newURCap.sh)

Hello everyone,

My question is very simple: How can I have the URCap structure after a successful installation of a new project with the ./newURCap.sh command.

There is no error when I put my URCap program inside the Setup Robot and no error when I compile the program.

So I am asking about what to do for seeing my URCap project working.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t understand your question. Could you define what you mean by URCap structure? Here is how it works for me:

  1. Run newURCap.sh - answer a couple of questions
  2. After that you get a new folder, I move this folder to my eclipse workspace
  3. Import folder as “Existing maven project”
  4. Do my programming
  5. Command line again -> Run mvn install in project’s directory
  6. This creates .urcap file in ./target directory
  7. Copy .urcap to robot
  8. Install from Setup -> URCaps screen, reboot robot

I am not sure at what point you hit the roadblock, because you say that you are already past “Setup” robot.

If you want to see, that your URCap loaded and it called some functions, then add System.out.println calls and run URSim from command line: “/home/ur/ursim-current/start-ursim.sh”. Then you will see if there are any messages from your URCap.

Hey , thanks for this reply.

If you want I did all the points than you said and I did a little program like the HelloWorld for my first try. However, I don’t have the page for taking and put my UR Cap project inside a program like for adding a script file and all the others functions.

Ok. You mean ProgramNode. It should be in Structure Tab->URCaps. If it does not show up there, then there may be some kind of error along the way.
I noticed that GUI is VERY strict about HTML you use. If it sees something, that it does not understand, then it does not show anything. Everyone is used to tolerant web browsers which will accept anything.
Also run URSim from command line. There may be some information about exceptions from java code.

I have check my code and i saw a few mistakes.
Now as you can see I have this error than I don’t understand

Problem solved .

The last mistake was in myrpogramProgramNodeService.java
I didn’t do a good declaration of my ProgramNodeContribution

Thank’s for your precious help :slight_smile:

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From the picture, is also seems that you are returning an empty string or Null to the getTitle() call in the “ProgramNodeService”, since the button does not have a title.

Yeah it was one of my problem :slight_smile: