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URCaps installed but not usable

Hello everyone,

I have an issue when installing a new URCaps on ursim :
the URCaps appear to be installed but I can’t see it in the structure :

The URCaps is written in Java with swing, and i’ve check the code but no error are shown in IntellIJ.

How can I solve this ?
thanks in advance.

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Have you registered the service in the activator class?


yes, it’s registered,
I’ve compared this URCaps with another one that I’ve successfully install but I can’t find any difference.

Is it a program or installation node you want to contribute?

It’s a program node, and for now I only created two combo box for the view

If there is an issue regarding the implementation of the UI in the view class, the node should still be shown in the Structure Tab.
To get a better picture what is going on, could you please provide further information on the different parts of your URCap?

the URCaps is an update of an URCaps based on html so for now I only want to create a program node with two combo box,
The differents class to create the node contains only necessary method plus some methods to create the combo box and get/set their values.

The problem is that all my other URCaps are correctly installed but this one just doesn’t appear in the structure tab, if you want the code for all classes :
Activator class :

service class :

view class :

contribution class :

It seems that the first argument for the registration of the program node is wrong in the activator class.
Here it should state:
bundleContext.registerService(SwingProgramNodeService.class, new Robo...(), null);


thanks, I don’t know why I was sure about what I wrote.

thanks for you help !

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