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Issues with URCaps Starter package

Hello everybody,

where exactly can i find the tutorial for the URCaps developement?
I followed the description above and even ran “install.sh” and “newURCap.sh” in Terminal. I also successfully tested “HelloWorld” in the robot simulation, but I can’t find the tutorial to build my first own URCaps tool.
Please help!

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The URCap tutorial is placed in the “doc” folder in the SDK zip-file.

I set up all the tools and successfully compile the Hello world sample and add feature in URsim, I use Eclipse and imported the Hello World project and would like to know how to debug it,Llike setting break point and run the code line by line.


It is currently not possible to toggle breakpoints in the Java code of the URCap running in the URSim.
You might however do this in a daemon process, while not starting it from the start()method, but manually starting it in your IDE instead.

A simple way to perform debugging could be to use the System.out.println(); to show relevant data in terminal.
In this case, start the URSim from terminal by executing start-ursim.sh in the ursim-3.3.0 folder.

(Valid for URSW, SDK

Is there a torrent version of this download? I am having issues with this package repeatedly failing in the middle of the download and not allowing me to resume the download stating it is not a valid archive.

I am having the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved?

Company policy does not allow me to generate a torrent.
However I will work on an sFTP server solution, and post the link for this when available.

I just had to keep trying the download over and over until it finally worked.

I’m having the same issue, the software download fails half way through. Is there a better solution to download than SkyFish? Ready to tear my hair out over here.

I was finally able to download the Start Package. On the 5th try, I was able to download it successfully.
It took about 4 hours to download.

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An FTP option have now been added to the Starter Package topic.
Thank you for your patience.

@jbm I’m experiencing slow download speeds (about 250 KB/s) downloading the sdk starter package via https.

From FTP i get much better speeds (about 2 MB/s) however the SW on the FTP is not up to date.

If you could load the FTP with up to date versions of the SW Components it would be very nice.

Thanks for the heads up!
The FTP downloads are now up to date with the Starter Package 1.5 and SDK 1.5.

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