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Altering program from Installation node


I´ve got the task to create a URCap where the programm has to be altered / created from an external source.

So my jurney get me to write a Installation Node which is connecting to the external source via sockets.
The Installation Node should afterwards be able to receive commands and create/alter Nodes in the Programmtree.

Is there a way to access the Programmtree from the installation node?`
I found URCapAPIFacade.getURCapAPI().getProgramModel();
But getURCapAPI() is marked as deprecated. And via the suggested getSystemAPI(), the needed elements seems not to be reachable.

Thanks in advance!

I thought about different approach then yours, but maybe it will be helpful for you:

  1. Add to your “Robot program” tree “Script” element (Left menu -> Advanced -> Script) and change “Line” to “File”. Choose file name and save it. This file is located in “programs” directory on UR.
  2. Then you can externally change content of this file (for example you can connect with UR via sshfs on Linux).