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Ethernet/IP Adapter reservers all RTDE registers

@jbm @nicolas1 In a URCap we use RTDE to synchronize an external application with robot program. Unfortunately, we found that the Ethernet/IP Adapter reserves every RTDE registers. So is it a workaround if a client of us want to use both our application and Ethernet/IP Adapter ?

In file Robot Data Source Summary, the Internal Input Double registers are reserve to RTDE and the Internal Input Float registers are reserve to Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, so why Ethernet/IP adapter and PROFINET uses the Internal Input Double registers ?

Generally the observation is correct - only one client can access a certain input register.
The Ethernet IP adapter reserves all input registers, hence excluding other clients.

We are aware of this unfortunate issue.
Currently we do not have a resolution to the problem.

Our URCap uses Input Double Registers 0-5 and Input Integer Registers 0-1.

A solution could be to add reserved input registers to RTDE or add registers selection box to Ethernet/IP Adapter.

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Is there any update on this issue, Please? One of our customers have the same issue with Ethernet/IP reserving RTDE registers. Our URCap is mainly dependant on RTDE.
@malcasse suggestion seems like a good solution!

@mohamedgamal.abdelha Yes there is an update. Since polyscope 3.9.0 and 5.3.0 new registers have been add.


New registers in robot controller inputs :
input_int_register_ 24…47

There is also new registers in robot controller outputs.


@malacasse Thanks for the info. The update has solved my problem and the uncap is running alongside Ethernet/IP now.