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Write Input Integer Register

Is there a way to write input integer registers using URScripts?
Is it only possible to read input int registers using read_input_integer_register(address) method?

Thanks in advance!

Or is there a way to clear input registers?


Maybe it is not possible to write/reset input registers from robot itself.

They are controllable from external device.(PLC and so on)


Perhaps the integer/double registers between 24 and 47 may be controllable by using RTDE.

Tomorrow I will do testing for it.

Hi, I have tried to write input integer register 26.
RTDE client class is uploaded my github for sample of ethernet/ip monitor upcap.

public class RegisterTest {
public static void main(String[] args) {
    RegisterTest register = new RegisterTest();


public RegisterTest() {
    RTDEClient client = new RTDEClient("", 1, "") {
        public void onReceive(Object[] values) throws IOException {
            int result = (int) values[0];

            System.out.println("Integer register 26 is " + String.valueOf(result));


        public Object[] onSend() throws IOException {

            Object[] sendObject = new Object[1];

            int data = 35352;
            sendObject[0] = data;

            return sendObject;





Sorry for the late response. Thank you so much. I will try this.