Edit an existing URCap

How do I edit an existing URCap? I have the StarterPackage in VirtualBox up and running and imported the URCap to the virtualbox, but how do I actually get to start editing it? Sorry and thanks in advance!


You aren’t really supposed to edit a URCap. The CAP is the compiled code. You need the actual source code brought into an editor and then compiled back into a CAP using Maven or some other build tool. If this CAP is not your property, you’re likely violating copyright by editing it. If it IS your property (or your company’s) you need to request the source code.

As Eric said, You dont modify URCaps, you use them.
The URCAPs add functions to the robot menus.

So once you install the cap via the hamburger menu (top right), the new command options should show at the bottom of your programming tab under URCAPS.