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How to get .urcap installed?

Hello to all,

I woudl like to update an URCap but first I would ike to save the version installed.

Is there any way to save .urcap installed?

Thanks a lot.


if you are specifically looking for the .urcap file format, the best course of action would be to contact the UR+ partner you are using and ask them for legacy versions.

This is because even if you navigate to the robot’s root directory (either via FTP program such as FileZilla OR use expert mode on the teach pendant of the robot), the urcap folder only contains .jar files. which are archive files that are extracted onto the robot when installing a URCap. The actual .urcap files are not on the robot’s hard drive after install.

If you are interested in obtaining the .jar files -I can give some guidance on how to obtain them. Otherwise-the best next step would be to contact the appropriate UR+ partner for your URCap